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The Partners

Mike Godden (

5'7", 12st 1lb mature professional N/S male, qualified 112BC (OK - 1980) - specialised subjects: absolutely anything to do with accountancy and business development. Enjoys walking his dog, playing with the children and, oh no, supporting Wolves (someone has to!). Socialises on a very regular basis, i.e. dancing on Round Tables etc.

Phil Taylor (

a.k.a. The Bear; 6'2", eyes of blue ...Professional N/S male - qualified 1980. Imagines how it can be then makes it happen. Can remember when BR ran steam locomotives on time and still dreams of driving one. Trainee Shedhead with own car (spends most of his time in it!). Mostly harmless.

Paul Shiers (

5'8" N/S (enjoys a bevy) male - specialised subjects: has read repeatedly "Complete Knowledge of Tax". Enjoys football, used to be a world famous player but now runs up and down the touchline with a flag (gen of ale). Majority shareholder in Chelsea (i.e. is there more than one?). Aspirations: to learn Italian, French and Spanish in order to be able to talk to any Chelsea player.

Claire Bishop

Claire Bishop - Managing Partner (

5'5", Brown/Brown female, qualified 1997 - specialised subjects: audit and accountancy, charities, pension schemes and solicitors. Enjoys gardening, walking, keeping fit (generally through aerobics etc due to her husband being out most of the time - see below). Doesn't like dining out as its not much fun on your own. Mother of two gorgeous girls.

Nick Bishop

Nick Bishop (

Average height, Brown/Brown, 10st 5lb male, qualified 1999 - specialised subjects: audit/accounts/bookkeeping and charities. Keeps fit through badminton, running, walking, golf etc. (see earlier). Keeps bees (fairly stupid due to allergy to bee stings). Amazingly still manages to find time to be a "Shedhead" (genuine supporter of GRFC).