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The Team

Beverley Robinson

Beverley Robinson (
Payroll / CRO

5'6'' slim brown/hazel female. Specialising in payroll and CRO. Enjoys cooking and eating out, shopping and spending Dawn's money! Often has a Brandy or 3.

Nikki Arnot

Nikki Arnot (
Audit and Accounts Senior

Petite (semi) professional female, qualified FCCA, specialised subjects: Sage, small businesses and bookkeeping. Part-time worker due to a teenage child who is a full-time handful! Enjoys decorating and reading but would really prefer wild nights out!

Charlotte Saxton

Charlotte Saxton (
Audit and Accounts Senior

5'10", brown/ blue female. Qualified FCCA. Took time off to have a baby (now at school!) and is now back part-time. Enjoys reading, relaxing (if she gets the chance!) and the odd glass of wine.

Phil Cole

Phil Cole (
Personal Tax Senior

Qualified AAT and ATT, but loves Tax! Plays football both 11-a-side and 5-a-side although spends most of his time off with injuries! Enjoys a pint (or 2...) of lager and nights out on the town, though can usually remember nothing about them in the morning.

Neil Williams

Neil Williams (
Audit and Accounts

6'2" Tall, dark and..., Uni-bod, qualified ACCA.
Studied sports management, plays football & cricket in spare time, claims he's always aching from too much physical activity!

Matt  Newman

Matt Newman (
Audit and Accounts

5'11 dark, Uni-bod, studying ACCA. Enjoys football, rugby and drinking. Doesn't like shaving and is partial to losing a shoe or two on regular nights out on the town. His famous line is'I have no recollection of last night'.

Emily Patrick

Emily Patrick  (
Personal Tax Dept Assistant

5'1.5" female (the half inch is very important!) and newest addition to the tax department. Enjoys singing, dancing and reading, and may be one of the only people she knows who enjoys admin! Cast member and fundraising chair of Gloucester Gang Show, as well as being a Beaver leader and Scout Network Secretary.

Jo-Anne Chard

Jo-Anne Chard  (
Audit and Accounts

A Forester (ooo-rrr) who likes reading - particularly handy in helping her gain a degree in Politics & International Relations, and is now looking to broaden her horizons in the exciting world of Accountancy.  Enjoys the fast pace of adventurous ski and snowboarding holidays, and rocking out at gigs; although we suspect she is looking to slow down at some point as her life ambition is to own a library one day!